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Welcome to Great Jazz!

Hey Jazz Lovers!

Thanks for subscribing to the site and listening to the show! You can also follow along as I stay on top of the latest news, albums, and happenings in the world of jazz.   I do the heavy lifting and present it to you every week so you don't have to scour tons of sites looking for information on this music that we all love.

Here in this space is also where I plan to share my random thoughts on jazzy things and give space for your feedback. Keep in mind that this is a safe space for discourse on all things Jazz including the Great-Jazz shows.

I'm open to feedback on all the shows and all the other content. Make yourself at home, so to speak, and wax philosophic on all things jazz: America's Original Art Form.

Please consider subscribing. It makes it easy to send out updates and inform you of jazz events that might be happening in your part of the world.

So, take your time, explore the site and let's spread the good news about Jazz.

Mike H